PowerPivot Gallery – Error Could not load type ‘Microsoft.AnalysisServices.SPAddin.DataRefresh.ViewDataRefreshHistory’.

You have PowerPivot all installed and configured.You’re very excited to go add a new PowerPivot application to the library when you click on the link and are greeted with a lovely error message (shown above) that reads Could not load type ‘Microsoft.AnalysisServices.SharePoint.Integration.ReportGalleryView’.   How do we fix this and why is it happening?


Here is what you need to do:

  1. Go to SharePoint Central Admin
  2. Go to the System Settings section
  3. Click on Manage Farm Solutions under the Farm Management section
  4. Click on powerpivotwebapplicationsolution.wsp
  5. Click Deploy Solution at the top of the screen
  6. In the Deploy To section select your web application from the drop down list
  7. Click OK

farm solution


Make sure that the website urls don’t have port numbers. You will probably have to retract your solution and then re-deploy it.