Step by Step: Install Email router for Dynamics CRM 2015

Download Email router for CRM 2015 from following link:

Click Installer and following extractor will be launched:








Pick a folder to extract and then start extracting, next screen will be as below:











It is recommended that selected option for getting updated is kept. Click Next.

· Setup will check and let you know if update is needed:











Click Next.

· Accept the License agreement check box and click I Accept:











· Set-up will point for missing components, if any, Please Install them by clicking Install button:











· Once completed with installation, Click next on screen as below:










· Select components to install(Click check-box for installation):7











Click Next. · Pick the installation drive and click Next:8











At this step, You might encounter this error:9











Error: The Microsoft Exchange MAPI subsystem is not installed on this system.

To resolve this problem, install the MAPI client libraries and CDO 1.2.1.

To obtain the MAPI client libraries and CDO 1.2.1, visit the following Microsoft Web site:


Once installed with the required dll, continue as below:10












Click Next & Install












Email router setup for Dynamics CRM 2015 is complete. Press Finish:12


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