Working with video content in SharePoint 2013

The video experience in SharePoint 2013 is greatly enhanced.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Easy video upload
  • HTML 5 video player
  • Built-in thumbnail capture
  • Improved management tools for large video libraries
  • Each video gets its own special page that displays more information about the video, as well as associated content

Video and Audio content type will be helpful to us to manage video and audio web content. Video and Audio content type will be available in Digital Asset Content Types section, which is found Site Settings -> Site Content Types -> Digital Asset Content Types

SharePoint 2013 upload video










  • Create asset library
  • Upload your video

SharePoint 2013 Video Page



How do I manage the properties of the video page?

After a video has been uploaded, click on the name of the video in the library, and then go to the Manage tab.

Edit Properties – The great feature is the ability to capture a video thumbnail right out of the video. The owner field defaults to the name of the person who uploaded the video, but it can be changed. There are also some checkboxes to indicate whether you want users to have the option of downloading your video or grabbing the embed code for it.   You can also select the names of the people who are shown in the video.

Permissions – Decide whom you want to share this video with, if it needs to be different than the permissions for the library itself.

Manage Video Renditions – This setting is great because it allows accommodation for end users who may be on slower network connections.  Different versions of the video with different bitrates may be uploaded here. When watching the video, end users will see a graph-like  icon on the video that will let them switch between renditions.

More details article for Video Renditions :


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