Step by Step SQL Server 2012 Installation

Step 1 :   Run Setup






On the SQL Server Installation Center, on the left, click Installation.  On the right, click New installation or add features to an existing installation. This will launch the SQL Server 2012 Setup.








On the Setup Support Files screen, click Install. This will take a few moments to complete. Once this completes the Setup Support Rules screen will appear again.

On the Setup Support Rules screen, click Next.








Enter product key and click Next:

Accept License Terms:








On the Setup Role screen, select SQL Server Feature Installation and click Next.








On the Feature Selection screen, under Instance Features place a check in Database Engine Services, under Shared Features place a check in Management Tools – Basic and Management Tools – Complete. You may click “Select All”.

Click Next.








Installation Rules:








Default Instance: On the Instance Configuration screen, click Next to use default or give your instance name.








Disk Space Requirement: On the Disk Space Requirements screen, verify space and installation location click Next.








Server Configuration select user and enter password for following services and click Next








Database Engine Configuration: On the Database Engine Configuration screen, click Add Current User and click Next.








Analysis Service Configuration:








Reporting Services Configuration:








Distributed Replay Controller:








Controller Name:








Installation Configuration Rules:










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